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I can help you to decide which business to start, set up and
grow to gain the life you love for you and your family.

“No matter what has happened in your past, you can move forward, make changes and become a very wealthy person with more time available. You don’t have to start your business or career knowing everything, but you do need to start”

Create Wealth & Start the Right Business!

3 WEEK COURSE. If you are unsure of which business you should start and how to make progress, this is the course for you! Fully automated with weekly tutorials and resources accessible at your leisure. Click below to purchase and start your entrepreneurial journey!

Careers & Business Support for Teens

BRAND NEW 2 MONTH INTENSIVE COURSE. This course is only for Teens aged 16-20 years. It has been devised to offer specific support with life skills, passion finding, goal setting, CV & Business plan building. Small student numbers. Led by SJ who is also CRB checked and a fully trained & certified PGCE Teacher of Business Studies/Economics & Travel! Click here to register for details about the next course start date.

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BRAND NEW OPPORTUNITY to become a member of SJ’s dedicated community! This will include a space to share, opportunities to ask questions and network with others, live meetings and new resources to help you start or grow your business and gain a life you love. Click here to register and become a founding member very soon!

E-books Available to Buy: What Business do I Start

If you are wondering whether to start your own business, but are unsure as to what type of business could be right, this is the book for you! Gives some background information and three activities to complete to firm up in your mind which business to start. Follow your dreams, achieve your goals and love the work you do! 

The Essentials of Goal Setting

Subscribe to my blog for free content such as ‘The Essentials of Goal Setting’ and more to help you on your career, business & life journey.

Free workshop - How to develop your own vision board

Discover what a vision board is and how to develop one to gain success.

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My connection with you

My business exists to help and assist you achieve your dreams and gain success in your life and business too. I love nothing more than rolling my sleeves up and getting stuck in offering passion, experience and knowledge along the way.

Through my 100% free content, paid online training courses, books and so much more, I will support you in gaining the life which you are dreaming of. I truly love to make a difference and help people work through their issues and be the best that they can be. Whether you are looking to set up a business, make changes in your life or want to take steps to improve an existing business/situation, I can help you to achieve this.

I love nothing more than sharing what I know, which has been tried and tested to perfection just for you!

I have grit, determination and the right mindset for success. This can be learnt – it just takes guts and belief! I can help you with that…

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