Earning Disclaimer


It is important from my perspective that you know and understand that every effort has been made to effectively offer the courses and resources for you to use its potential to gain success for yourself. However, a guarantee cannot be given and there are a number of factors which would hugely determine as to what success is achieved, how much money is made and your time, research and efforts given to achieving your best result possible.

This is not a ‘get rich scheme’ and any information within should not be interpreted as a promise or a guarantee of earnings. We cannot be held responsible for you efforts or income level. Information given within our products, website and courses are based upon forward-looking statements. This is used within the securities of the litigation reform act 1995. They are discussed by way of future potential and do not relate to strictly historical or current facts. Words such as “potential earnings, plan, expect. Intend” etc are used to illustrate that there is a potential which could be possible, not guaranteed.

We all have our own needs and wants and factors which may affect us in our lives. No two people would be expected to have exactly the same outcome with different intentions, goals, finances and support network available to achieve. We have to work and make progress on our own using the resources, materials and information available to enable us to make a difference, whatever that might look like for us.