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Just remember, every entrepreneur has been exactly where you are today! Whether you’re stuck thinking what business should I start or how do I know that this particular business idea is the right one, you are in the right place to find out!

There are many REASONS FOR WANTING TO START YOUR OWN BUSINESS. It could be FRUSTRATION in your current work role, or it could be that you’ve been UNDER ACHIEVING and seem to be STUCK where you are with no way to improve on it. Many of us can feel disappointed in ourselves for not moving on quicker with a big idea after getting our qualifications, completing a course somewhere or speaking to others about our hopes and dreams.

You may be BORED or have a deep UNDERLYING PASSION for something and really want to work doing whatever that is instead. You have to remember that a full time worker spends over half of their daytime hours at work, so you have to enjoy what work you do, otherwise, it could prove to be the worst time spent in your life!

Whatever your reason for being here is, focusing on it will help to keep that fire burning inside your belly as you move through the steps in this course. You are definitely in the right place! I will help you confirm your thoughts and move you from an initial idea through to knowing 100% what’s the right business for you to start. As part of this course, there will be videos and activities to support your learning. These will help guide you to make sure that nothing is missed. The paperwork and information from this could even end up becoming part of your business plan!

Week 1 – Hobbies, Skills & Experience
The first week is about gaining clarity on your hobbies, skills and experience.

Week 2 – Friends & Family
The second week opens up discussions with others and making similarities.

Week 3 – Research & Benchmark
The final week is all about research and benchmarking. This week also includes two bonus videos!

A notepad is essential for each step.