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Want more time and money?

Hi there, Do you want more time to do the things you love and more money in your pocket to spend if you need it or want to? Of course, you do – everyone does! But what are you doing to get you there? Are you stuck in a JOB selling your time by the hour? Are you always...

Do exam results really matter?

Hey there, Whilst in secondary school, we’re taught to act a certain way, speak when you’re spoken to and study hard to make sure you gain your predicted grades set by teachers. As I’m sure you already know, taking an exam at a specific time on a specific day means...

How to start a side hustle & be your own boss

Hey there, Do you ever get so consumed with everyone else and making sure that they’re fulfilled and on the right path that we completely miss ourselves off the ‘to do’ list? I know I do! I wanted to put together this week some quick steps to helping you find clarity...

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