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Change Your Schedule to Suit You!

Hey there, Do your days ever look like you intended them to? Mine have a tendency to change completely! Take today for instance. I had todays to do list ready to go when I went to bed last night, but all went out the window very shortly after! My true day started with...

Gain Clarity On What You Really Want

Hey there, I used to work in McDonalds, and I’m not ashamed to say it. Working there provided me with an income and the flexibility to gain my first business qualification. I was grateful for the job at the time as it served a great purpose. It allowed me to keep...

Hate Mondays? Learn how to love them instead.

Hey there, Waking up on a Sunday morning (or a day off) always brings a smile to my face and no doubt to yours too, for the most part? Knowing that you have the day to enjoy with your family and friends, before the Monday to Friday or the next working day routine...

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