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Real Talk Yourself to Success!

Hey, Ever given yourself a pep talk? Ever felt so frustrated and annoyed with yourself that you’ve shouted out loud or at yourself in your head? I know I have! To move forward in life, we must get real with ourselves and speak the truth! You might be overweight or...

Three steps to achieve £xxx extra every month!

Hey, I have a massive secret! I know how you could make so much extra MONEY every single month and I’m going to let you know this week how! Imagine if you knew just how you could earn thousands of extra £ every month – what could you do with that? You could pay off...

Stick or twist – What would you do?

Hey there, Ever felt overwhelmed with the pressure of not knowing what to do next for the better? Do you stay in your job which you’ve been in for so many years, or do you pursue your dream of gaining a qualification, and moving on to a career you would love? Do you...

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