Hey you,

Sometimes, life is hard.

It’s so easy to give up sometimes isn’t it?

Some days are just meant to be down days. We all have them and no one is immune!

Some days, I have the best intentions and yet, I still find it hard to concentrate, something unexpected happens or I simply don’t feel motivated to even start…

I’m just getting ready to move house again, am selling a home elsewhere after a year and a half on the market (with numerous fallen through sales), my daughter is in her GCSE years, being a single parent, running two businesses and looking after our pets! It can feel so overwhelming and exhausting at times and my head and/or my body simply shouts “NO”. This is when I down my tools, regroup for 5 mins, an hour or a day if need be before getting up and carrying on again. It’s perfectly normal to need time or space in order to gain clarity. We’re not robots after all!

The most important thing is to be aware of what you need to help you keep moving forward in life. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or take time out to allow yourself time to appreciate your successes, learn from the not so good times and celebrate everything you’re able to juggle week after week.

Ladies, you rock!

Don’t forget to schedule in time for yourself this week, even if your schedule looks tough. It will help you to move forward quicker and more clearly if you do. You’ll appreciate it and become more motivated, and also why not anyway? You deserve it!


Take care,

SJ xxx