If you fancy changing your career, want to become your own boss, make more money or want to love what you do, you won’t want to miss this!

It’s been tough this past year and we certainly wouldn’t want to go through it again! With many people on furlough or even losing their jobs, we need to make sure we remain resilient, but we need to recognise and understand what we truly want. With this in mind, I have put together five ways to help you achieve freedom (whatever that could look like for you). These are:

  1. GAIN MORE TIME: Time is something we can learn to manage better to allow us to have more time to focus on what’s most important. In your journal, on paper or electronically, work through a daily/weekly schedule for yourself. You should outline what needs to be done at set times first (like picking up children from school or physically being somewhere for work) and then you can see where you have available time for other activities. If you don’t know what your day should look like, you will be more likely to waste valuable time. Of course, if you also go to bed at a reasonable time (say 10.30pm), you will be able to get up (at around 06.30am) to make the most of your day too. Doing this would enable you to feel even more motivated, awake, or creative.
  2. GAIN MORE MONEY: Money does make the world go round as without it, times are hard, and choices are much more limited! That’s the truth. So, if you want to gain more money, you will need to become your own boss, invest your money wisely and make smart financial decisions for yourself. Start this by looking at your bank statements! Look to see where your money is going and what you can stop paying for or change to gain a better deal. Look at comparison sites for things like insurance, utility bills or swapping to 0% deals for any finance if paying high %.
  3. CHANGE CAREER: If you are selling your time for money, you are losing out when it comes to your earning potential. You will often earn the same amount for many years but can end up working even more hours to get work done if you work for others. However, if you work for yourself, you can manage your own time, work within a sector that you love and charge your own prices direct, multiple times over. There are also expenses which could be put through a business to offset payments and taxes out. Consider what you would love to do and how this could work for you.
  4. CHANGE LOCATION: Are you living where you want to? Is the area providing you with the opportunities to thrive? Some locations will suit you better dependant on what you want to do in or outside of your career. Having a good balance between your passions inside of what you do for money, and how you spend your time/money matters. Do they complement one another, or do you have to travel?
  5. GAIN QUALIFICATIONS: One way to improve your self-confidence, improve your knowledge and self-worth is to increase your qualifications. There is a lot of funding available to do this if you have a family, are a first time University student or seeking to move into another essential sector. It can enable you to enter employment at a higher level, gain a job which requires certain qualifications or improve your chances of success if starting your own business. Knowledge is power after all! It can be hard to dedicate time to research, complete application forms and complete courses, but they could well provide you with a renewed enthusiasm or more money as a benefit for doing so. There are also new placements available through the Government to gain mentoring and training all whilst being paid in your chosen sector.

Now’s the time to consider all of your options and improve areas of your life for the better!


Much love,
SJ xxx