Ever given yourself a pep talk?

Ever felt so frustrated and annoyed with yourself that you’ve shouted out loud or at yourself in your head? I know I have!

To move forward in life, we must get real with ourselves and speak the truth! You might be overweight or falling behind in your studies. You might be putting up with poor behaviour from a loved one or a so-called friend. You might even stay in a job you hate or feel dread due to a lack of understanding. What ever it is, you must face it! You must deliver yourself the truth! Whether that’s in a mirror, sitting in a car, in your bedroom or in a bathroom – do it. Make yourself accountable for the actions that you need to take in order to move forward.

Get real and honest with yourself. No one will do this for you! Whatever life you have led up until this point (good or bad), YOU have the capacity to change what you do in the future. You control yourself. Don’t let yourself be weak – get strong! You need to leave issues in the past and move forwards. You have yourself to blame if you find excuses to not get to where you want to be in life. Tough love, I know!

What do you need to do each day to make yourself move forward towards success?

If it’s losing weight, write down on a post it ‘lose 2lbs by a set day’ or ‘get to X number of lbs’ and stick it on your mirror. See it as a reminder every day. Realise what you need to do to get yourself to that success point and STICK TO IT! After that, re-do the post it note with your next success point and stick it back up there.

If it’s getting a particular job or starting a business, research and recognise what you need to do in order to get you to there. Do you need to get more qualifications, more experience, money to start or speak to people who know more than you? Write down daily tasks which you MUST complete every single day to progress forward. This will keep you moving.

If it’s financial freedom, realise what you have right now. Where are you with your finances, how much do you earn, how much do you have available to use to pay into investments or pay off debts? What things can you sacrifice or cut back on in order to make more money available? Start little and build each day, every single week. If you need to bring in extra money, what could you do or what could you offer to gain this? Again, keep your figures fully in sight on a post it note or in your journal and keep changing them every time you get there. Set up a savings account and put a small amount in there every time you get paid, and don’t touch it. Pay off debts bit by bit. Switch to lower interest cards/loans if you must!

Stay focused! Much love, SJ xxx