I have a massive secret!

I know how you could make so much extra MONEY every single month and I’m going to let you know this week how! Imagine if you knew just how you could earn thousands of extra £ every month – what could you do with that?

You could pay off your mortgage earlier or get rid of your credit cards. Pay for an exotic holiday. Buy a new car or simply invest in your future. You could maybe do all the above! The choice would be yours to make…. I have three steps for you this week to help you achieve so much more money than you earn currently. These are:

STEP 1: Consider your passions. If you could do absolutely anything for a job, what would it include and why? What makes your heart sing? OR what’s your story? Think about all the things that you have experienced in your life and how you dealt with them. Do you know a special way to do something? Do you have experience in achieving something? You only need to have a 10% edge. You do not need to be an expert. Do you know a special way to groom a horse or a dog, do you know how to make a chocolate cake, the best way to paint or wallpaper a house or do you feel that there are skills which could be taught to particular group of people. These are just some of the many ideas which could be taught to others to make you extra money!

STEP 2: Consider selling this online as a course using a simple landing page via social media or a website (of you are feeling fancy). This will mean that you can sell it to anyone around the world at any time (whilst you sleep). Simply, think about the stages you could put your knowledge into to teach someone else from scratch, and then video yourself explaining what you know etc step by step. If you don’t want to sell via a video course, you could package the same information into a step by step E-book and upload to Amazon in a few minutes! Everything to do this is explained via Amazon or similar and doesn’t cost anything at all. You can even use their simple instructions and templates to make a book cover – 2 mins and you’re done!

STEP 3: Set a date, consider what you will do and when to achieve your desired course, E-Book or similar. It needs to be something which can be sold at any time of the day easily. Use a journal or diary to help you each night to stay clear on what you will do to move forward each day towards your end finished product to sell. Each step achieved is a success and these need to be celebrated.

You can do this – good luck!

Much love, SJ xxx