Hey there,

Do your days ever look like you intended them to?

Mine have a tendency to change completely! Take today for instance. I had todays to do list ready to go when I went to bed last night, but all went out the window very shortly after!

My true day started with our dog (Nala) needing to go out at 03.00 and then again at just after 06.00. I then made the mistake of picking up my phone and answering emails, so another half an hour lapsed. I must have drifted back off to sleep but was then awoken by a bodily jolt, when I thought I’d missed the alarm!

Since then, I’ve chased our house valuers, liaised with the web developer regularly throughout the day (they’re helping us move forward with our new agency site), edited 10 videos for a new digital course, submitted talent for jobs, sent out self-tape requests, spoke to production companies, caught up with a friend on the phone unexpectedly, and got utterly soaked twice in the rain when I wrongly timed both dog walks!

It’s currently 23.22 and I can hear my teen daughter singing in the shower! I’ve not even told you everything either…

The fact of the matter is that some days run smoothly, and all seems to be in order. However, others can completely consume you and before you know it, you’re at the end of the day and everything in-between seems a distant blur.

I know when I fall into bed tonight, I will still make the effort to write my list for tomorrow and through it all, I really feel like today was a very productive day! I feel a sense of achievement as I know I’m building my life the way I choose to, even with the craziness at times. I’m happy to change my schedule and add it to another day if I need to. I enjoy the fast-paced moments as well as the slower ones. It’s OK to make changes and it’s OK to want different things in life. I have friends who wouldn’t even dream of running one business, let alone multiple at the same time!

Tomorrow is a new day and I’ll meet it with a coffee (of course), but also excitement because I know that this is my chosen life and I’m doing my best I can, to live it my way!

Hope you have a great day tomorrow too!

Much love

SJ xxx