Hey there,

Waking up on a Sunday morning (or a day off) always brings a smile to my face and no doubt to yours too, for the most part? Knowing that you have the day to enjoy with your family and friends, before the Monday to Friday or the next working day routine kicks in again is bliss, right?

Whether it’s being in the garden, going for a walk, fighting your way through the washing pile or simply reading a book or the papers, your time (for the most part) is your own to organise and use without routine. These days are cherished and shouldn’t be interrupted unless absolutely necessary. They help to keep us sane!

I’ve been in jobs before where I’ve absolutely dreaded Monday mornings, and have also had to sit and use up my (supposedly tranquil) days off to get ready for them too! I hated them and would NEVER choose to go back to them either. I found getting up hard, the journey into work even harder and I had a terrible attitude as well – awful! I was constantly unhappy and easily wound up.

This is absolutely why I choose to work for myself! I’m doing what I love daily in my career and would never dream of going back. I made a conscious decision to learn and grow in the areas I needed to, and even when I had tough decisions to make, not once have I doubted my choice to move away from trading my time for money.

Now is a great time to really consider what you want to do in your life and what changes you can make to improve it. It’s never too late – trust me!

I now get to love what I do for work, help others, and get to choose when I do it and how much I charge. I work in the entertainments industry, help and teach others and have evergreen courses to support all. I even have people from around the world buying my books on Amazon, which is amazing!

You too could retrain, work for yourself, run your own diary, get more fresh air, and spend more time with your family and friends. You don’t have to dread the Monday mornings again. You’ve just got to start somewhere and commit to improving your own future for the better.

Much love,

SJ xxx