Hey there,

Do you ever get so consumed with everyone else and making sure that they’re fulfilled and on the right path that we completely miss ourselves off the ‘to do’ list? I know I do!

I wanted to put together this week some quick steps to helping you find clarity for yourself and move forwards. If handing your notice in is what you’re dreaming about, crashing through that glass ceiling to make your own money and/or to run your own diary, then this is for you!

Here are my super quick 7 steps to success:

  1. Set a date to hand your notice in or to start your side hustle. This will nudge you to confirm when you will make the change and you will commit to yourself more easily.
  2. Write the date on a post it note and stick it where you can regularly see it.
  3. Look at your bank statements at your subscriptions etc and get rid of any you don’t use. This way, you can make sure that you’re not spending money that could go into a pot towards your upcoming change.
  4. Start to research and learn from others who have gone before you and are successful. Whether that’s reading their books, listening to their podcast, or undertaking their course in your spare time to learn how and to cut corners fast, do what is best for you.
  5. Work out what you’ll need to set up your side hustle or full business. Could you start with just a computer and offer online services, or do you need to buy additional equipment or training prior? Do some research and find out what you need in order to make a start as soon as you can. You don’t need to purchase the best of everything, and you certainly don’t need all the bells and whistles. You just need to be able to take steps to move forward in your business.
  6. Set up your social media in advance and start to add quotes, information, answer questions and try to make contact with your possible customers via online Facebook groups.
  7. Set up a simple landing page, pop up box to gain subscribers, and a thank you page. This will help you to start gathering followers in advance of your date. This doesn’t have to cost anything as there are companies out there which can support your start up business whilst you are growing. Companies like Mailchimp or Convertkit are great for this and simple to navigate.

When the date comes, you will already be so much more knowledgeable and ready to gain success for yourself. Good luck. If you need some more help, head on over to the website and grab the freebies and resources to help you even more.

Much love, SJ xxx