Hey there,

Who doesn’t love money and what opportunities it can offer? No one ever, right!

Whether it’s about creating money to secure your financial freedom, making a significant difference to those around you or both (and more), you can create big money and enjoy it by following the three steps below:


It’s important to know what make your heart sing! I know, sounds woo woo right? However, the reality is you need to find out what would make you get out of bed with a spring in your step and the drive to stay on track. Money creation mostly happens to those who are steely in their want to do what they do. It could be turning your hobby into your special thing, doing something or offering something better or using your own experiences to offer solutions for others. Sit down and really think what you would choose to do on a day off, ask others and connect to that inner voice to find your special thing that you could start to offer.


Your ICA is your Ideal Customer Avatar. It’s who you would sell to. You need to know everything about who this person is. Give them a name, consider what their day to day life looks like and what you can do to directly appeal to them. What could your offering solve for them? Are they looking to learn something or experience something? Can you offer them a short cut to get through a difficulty and change their lives for the better? Can you offer them an irresistible product? Once you know who your ICA is, you can align your passion to their needs and wants easily.


The final step is all about where to find your ICA. Where does he or she hang out? Are there groups that they are a part of? Facebook is brilliant for this. People can join or start groups easily to bring like-minded people together. Join those groups and get chatting! Tell them about what you offer. Offer them a sample, free resource, or a place to see your offerings. Set up a simple sales page/landing page/subscription page so that you can show people easily where to connect with you and how to buy. It’s important to create a contacts list outside of social media, so start collecting emails in exchange for something small. Perhaps a PDF or cheat sheet so that your ICA can learn something from you. Once you know where your ICA is and how best to contact them, you can structure your offers effectively. Be personable, offer advice and support. This enables trust and generates loyal customers.

Much love,

SJ xxx