Hey there,

If you are in the process of starting a business, building your own career, or even wanting to build following on social media, this is for you!

For the past 10-15 years, social media has been growing year on year and that’s fantastic for everyone. We can contact people quicker, follow the people who inspire us, make us laugh or market whatever we want direct and Worldwide! We are told to get a Facebook account, an Instagram account, Twitter account, Linkedin account etc and build our friendships and followings from there. That’s perfect for individuals who work in this promotional way, marketing business products or who are becoming a well-known reality person etc, and it also works well for everyone aside from that in lots of ways too. However, it’s important that you get to own those contacts or followers if you want to keep building into something much more.

When you set up a Facebook page (of which I have many), you can entice people to like, and to follow you and you can directly market to them, which is great. The downside to this is that if Facebook change the way they want to run or start charging for their pages or per follow/like, this will affect you and everything you’ve build up thus far. Even worse, if Mark Zuckerberg decides that he wants to take Facebook off the face of the planet, then all would be lost!

This is the same for all social media because we don’t own the space that we use on these sites and all the contacts and customers are not actually ours. If the space didn’t exist anymore, we would have no way of contacting them again.

This is where your email list comes into play! The email list which you can own and grow through marketing via your website or social media. It is proven that an email list is SO much more effective than social media in growing and keeping customers happy, and you can set the rules as to when you can contact and what you are going to say, completely for FREE! You could simply add an opt in page or link to capture emails via your social media or your website and nurture your customers and contacts from then on through this. It’s super easy and very inexpensive too!

This way, you’re covered whatever happens in the future and whatever Mark Zuckerberg decides to do or not! Win, Win!

Much love, SJ xxx