Hey there,

What does your morning look like? I know mine can vary massively but on the whole I get up at around 04.15am, let the dog out, make a drink, venture back to bed, listen to a podcast or do some work in readiness for the day, then doze before getting up an hour or two later!

Well known successful people make the most of their time and get out of bed early. Apple CEO Tim Cook apparently gets out of bed at 03.45am, Anna Wintour & Richard Branson both apparently get out of bed at 05.45am (not together of course) and Starbucks CEO Howard Shultz apparently gets up at 04.30am. They all believe that having the extra hours means that they can take advantage of the time and get become even more productive.

With the above in mind, have you ever heard of the 20/20/20 rule? It goes something like this:

05.00 – 05.20 = Move. This is when you need to get out of bed and stretch. Participating in movement such as Yoga or Pilates can be used to release serotonin and could even grow new brain cells!

05.20 – 05.40 = Visualise, Meditate and Contemplate. This should be quiet time to allow yourself to open your thoughts.

0540 – 06.00 = Grow. This is time to learn so you should read a book, watch something, or listen to something to enable growth.

It’s said that challenging yourself and getting through difficult times is the hardship exchanged for world class status. Apparently, if you’re willing to push yourself ahead, you will naturally gain a ‘winners’ mindset.

All change can be crazy hard at first, then messy in the middle and hopefully glorious in the end they say!!

Apparently, it takes 66 days of practice to wire in a new habit. Are you willing to give the 05.00am club a go?

Personally, I think you’ve got to find your own route to success and there is no right or wrong. I understand that if you utilise more hours by getting up early, you’ll have more time to exercise, make breakfast, read, get ready, start work earlier etc. However, you will no doubt have to go to be earlier in order to do this. If you have family and other commitments, it will be hard to maintain such an early start without falling into bed earlier!

Whatever your happy morning routine happens to be, enjoy it! If that ends up being 05.00am, well done you!

Much love, SJ xxx