Recently, I have gone through yet another overhaul of my websites for both my businesses: SJ Gonnella and Time to Shine Agency. Both have taken up a lot of my time, but it’s proven essential to keep moving the businesses forward. Having time to reflect during the lock down period and using the time to think about where the businesses are and where they need to be positioned to progress successfully, after the lock down ends.

I looked at the SJ Gonnella messaging and it needed to be changed to make things clearer and even more professional. I needed to get on with shooting the videos for the course: Start the right business, change wording, change photos (as I had became a blonde during lock down) and make sure that my social media matched my website and the messaging within.

The Time to Shine website needed to be completely moved onto a new platform with a shop facility, adding various payment methods, ways to book classes for our Stage and Screen Academy and streamline our offerings. This is still on-going and won’t be finished for a little while, but it’s on its way and that’s what matters!

Nonetheless, progress for both has been made – phew!

Having a clear message in your branding and any advertising campaigns is an absolute MUST! It’s so important to keep looking at your messaging and making sure that everyone who works for you and with you knows what it is. If the messaging is not clear, people will become confused and perhaps decide not to buy from you. Always, make things easy for someone to buy from you!

If you are adding a post onto social media, make sure it has a call to action. What do you want people to do? Are you looking for people to visit your website, become a subscriber, buy your new offer, or simply share your business and what it sells? What ever it may be, always add your call to action within the post. Make it easy for people to click, email or buy from you. Make your message as to what you sell clear and what they will get for that. Believe in your ability to deliver based on your offerings and shout from the roof tops.

I believe in your ideas to become even more successful, and you should too.

Much love, SJ xxx