Do you know that most of the wealthiest, successful entrepreneurs out there have struggled momentously on their journey to get to where they are today?

Some people say that those entrepreneurs must have found it easy as they were ‘most probably born into money’ or were ‘just lucky’, but that simply isn’t the case for the vast majority at all. In fact, quite the opposite actually!

Take a look online and you’ll find no end of videos, posts and blogs with quotations and stories about how successful business people have struggled and endured very hard times on their journey to success.
Most were actually born into poor or working class families, had to look after siblings, mend things, make clothes, think of ways to sell products/services etc and learn through their mistakes very quickly along the way. It certainly wasn’t luck that helped them achieve their success. It was their hard work, their ideas, their grit and determination and their resilience to keep trying after being told ‘no’ several times before.

They’re only human after all and the same as all of us. But, they didn’t give up! They found ways around each issue and moved forward, away from people or organisations which tried to sabotage their journey. They didn’t listen to dismissive comments.

If an idea or path feels right to you, it’s right!

If the Wright brothers decided to give up along their journey to create the world’s first motor operated airplane, would their invention exist today? Would we have the option to travel via airplane today? The Wright brothers kept going, tweaked their invention and tried everything they could think of until they finally gained their success to take flight!

Great things have been achieved over the years through sheer stubborn behaviour! Sometimes, you have to keep going and not listen to what others think.

Don’t allow yourself to be persuaded to stop unless that’s what you truly want to do yourself. Self-doubt can also be one of the worst culprits too for crushing dreams! It’s us who should decide to carry on or stop. No one else can do that.

Stay strong and true to your goals. It’s definitely not an easy road to take, but wow, it can also be exciting, rewarding and life changing!

Remember, this is your journey to take and your life to live. Visualise your dream life and figure out what you need to do to get you there. Reverse engineer your path to success if it helps.

Look for successful people who have been there before you and learn from them as much as you can. Surround yourself with as much positivity as you can. You can do this!

It’s only you who will inevitably stop your future success.

Much love,