Hey there,

Before you quickly dismiss this and close down this email – hear me out first!

You may have heard this before and thought to yourself ‘what could I teach’ and then not thought about it again. However, you could absolutely teach what you know! Only you has had the experiences you’ve had and has seen it the way you have.

Consider things you’ve learnt whether that’s through experiencing something like visiting a place, learning through a good or bad relationship, career journey, having a talent or even knowing a skill like playing the guitar for example!

You could write down all the things that you’ve experienced, have as a talent or ask even people these questions to give you some more ideas. We all have special areas which we could focus on and normally they include areas which we tend to feel passionate about.
The best way to be your true authentic self, feel self-worth and help others is to teach what you know. There are people who are further back on the learning journey to you who could be helped. They could be wondering how to navigate something or develop a skill for something. That could be where you step forward and offer your service, write a book, give tutorials, develop a product etc to help them.

Take some time to sit down and consider what you know and what you could do or offer. Ask others and confirm your thoughts. Search your idea via the internet and see what support is out there already. If there’s a lot then hallelujah, as that means there’s a place for you too! Even if not, you could have stumbled upon a fabulous niche area!

We all have our own special something to offer our knowledge and expertise in. Step forward and think about yours.

The key to success is to teach what you know!

Much love,
SJ xxx