Hey there,

I wanted to talk to you about the importance of having your own list of contacts this week. I don’t just mean contacts on social media or in your phone either!

I know that we all may have a mix of accounts with Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn to mention only a few, but some of us may not even have any at all and that’s completely fine too and your choice! The point I really wanted to make clear this week is that we should have a list elsewhere (away from social media) that is ours and owned by us.

Social media provides us with instant marketing, a voice and it absolutely serves a purpose in this technology based era. However, we don’t own those sites unfortunately, and so if and when the owners of those sites decide to change things or charge to use them, those of us with businesses or contacts specific to what we offer could end up losing out massively! All businesses, contacts, followers or friends within our lives could end up being hugely affected in an instant!
Scary right, I know!

This is why it’s so important to start building your own email list if you’re not doing so already. Email is known to be THE most used form of contact anyway and should be utilised effectively. It is also your email list and so no one can ever take it away from you. If you have a business, you should be requesting that your customers subscribe or offer their email to you for marketing purposes. You can offer incentives to people for doing so with offers, information or your latest information. This way, it keeps people involved with you and perhaps your business. Email can be quickly used to make offers, include people with a newsletter or ask their opinions. It is quick, efficient and for the most part free.

Sending a quick email to the chosen group of people means that it will arrive direct to them without the need to think whether they would see it if they don’t log in to their social media and/or scroll to view.

Adding a simple pop up box to your website to capture your customer’s emails in exchange for something free or discounted is the perfect way to grow your email list. This could be a PDF resource, free video tutorial, money off deal or something else of your choice. Start to think what could work for you and your business or even you and your friendship groups.

Don’t lose contact with the important people in your life!

Much love, SJ xxx