Being true to yourself and finding your own path is your strength. Whether you trust this to be the case at the start of your journey, you’ll absolutely find this to be so in the future.

We all have competitors (as part of our business or career journey,) but we have the opportunity to make ourselves different from the start. You can do this through your pricing, customer service experience or your post sales experience.

Position yourself correctly – be strategic in the way you offer yourself and your business. Being the cheapest on the market is not the best strategy to adopt, as it can take away respect from your business. If you start selling cheap, how can you manoeuvre your brand to gain more profits, help others and survive long term? Don’t get into a power struggle with other businesses to be the cheapest as a strategy. Premium brands command respect and as long as you offer the best that you can, people will buy from you and you’ll gain loyalty towards you and your brand. After all, people know and understand that you get what you pay for! Inspire from your heart and do what feels right for you.

Communication is also key! Another way to position yourself is to think about your own stories and what you’ve been through in your life. People buy through an emotional connection and so if you can be honest and open up to people, it will help you to gain an honest connection with your customers. This could be struggles or how you overcame something. Bringing positivity and help people find a solution to their problem.

If you build you into your business, no one can copy!

If you’re telling your story from your point of view or feel like you want to do things differently, go for it! The ‘no regrets’ mind-set is an important one to adopt. There are so many ways to bring your true self to your business to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Create your own strategy canvas. Consider how you’re different? What’s your story, heritage, passions, experience and how can you deepen your brand by using it within your business/career?

Yes, you will receive opinions from others and yes, sometimes they may halt your thinking for a period of time. However, only you can push forward and remain determined to achieve what you started. Not everyone has the same mind-set and many have no inclination to ever own a business, work for themselves, and put themselves and their products or services out there for people to buy. It takes a special person who thinks differently to remain on track despite the ‘noise’ received from the outside world and at times from within. Be a leader! Take risks and become a beacon for others to do the same.

Don’t use competitors as your benchmark for your success – be true to yourself!

Much love, SJ xxx