Waiting is overrated – make that dream a reality now…
I know people who are really passionate about wanting to do something. However, they constantly say that they can’t do it because of something else. For example: I have a friend who says they want to go to the gym more or and another who says they would love to travel more. Both of them will always give excuses though to not being able to schedule it or afford it. The reality is, anything is achievable if it means enough to you. Whether this means doing less of something else, scheduling it into your life a year or two later to be able to afford it or organising for someone to help you out.
Ever noticed that when you have to either find extra money or do something in an emergency, you work like a crazy person and sort it out? This is no different. Every successful person focuses on what they want in their lives and they will stop at nothing to achieve it. They make sacrifices, change their schedules, allow themselves to go into their overdraft etc. If it is something that is massively important to you in your life, you will make those changes to make sure that it happens.
I have had to make many sacrifices in my life in order to achieve things for myself. Even though, I knew that things would get harder for a period of time, I have always been willing to take that chance anyway because I didn’t want to pass things by and not give them a go.
I also get bored easily if I’m not allowed to make decisions fast and be creative on my own terms. I seem to feel stifled and frustrated. I know in my heart that I have never been cut out to be in a job which meant I would have to be there at set times every day. I know that although I am a good leader and can motivate anyone, I don’t appreciate being ‘told’ that I have to do certain things out of my control myself. I have been called truculent and that I ‘don’t hold any prisoners’, but I have always been headstrong and have worked really hard to get to where I am in my life on my own today. Through being aware of this though, I have also worked hard to add more calm into my life over the years too. I’m extremely grateful for the internet and having access to amazing videos teaching me valuable techniques, and calming audio to help me relax when needed. I try and take a step back and recognise when I am becoming a little agitated and I’m not ashamed to say that I have taken prescription tablets for anxiety and still do when I’m becoming triggered.
You have to find both your inner calm, stop feeling so pressured to be perfect and quieten the excuses! You should workaround things to make your dreams happen and even if it’s just adding more time for you into your schedule or booking that holiday to happen in a year or two, you should absolutely do so. Cutting out that caramel latte or food order every once in a while will get you to your chosen destination quicker! You are worth it – no excuses! As Marie Forleo always says, “everything is figureoutable”.
So, stop the excuses and go make that dream a reality today….

Much Love,