Over the years, I have had to travel up and down the country here in the UK for work projects and to see family and friends etc. I actually enjoy driving and have never struggled with short or long distance travelling to get to places. I know other people who hate driving on the motorway or won’t even fly for a holiday! However, I started to think to myself that it was becoming lost time and wondered if I could add something or do something else at the same time, especially as the radio reception when travelling at times can be a nightmare when crossing country and so the music would become fizzy and then cut in and out before eventually being lost.

I have also been trying to regularly read the books that I have acquired from birthdays, car boot sales or given by friends and family. I feel it’s important to widen creativity and provide escapism whilst dealing with busy family life or work etc. This is always tricky to say the least! I have come to love self-help type books or biographies, but struggled increasingly to find the time to read a physical book. I seem to forget the story as it is such a long time between putting it down last and picking it up next. I end up moving onto another book, as I don’t want to re-read the previous one again. Ridiculous I know!

So, step forward the world of audio books! Who knew these would be a total revelation for me? I am now able to travel and listen to Oprah or Tony Robbins whilst doing the regular morning commute! Even if you walk to work or sit on a bus/train, you can still listen to audio books, podcasts or previously recorded revision if you are a student. Whatever your circumstance, there’s always an opportunity whereby you can take the time whilst travelling to listen and learn on your way. You could choose meditation music or abundance affirmations or even learn a new language. Either way, whatever your preferred choice, it is important to relax, learn and evolve throughout your life and this can be easily done through audio learning of some kind.

Improving your overall well-being and learning new things could very well end up helping you to achieve even more in your life and perhaps gain that role you have been envisaging for so long. This means that you would not only be saving yourself time by being able to conveniently learn whilst travelling, but potentially bring in more money into your bank account and life whilst improving it – win win!!

All my love,