Forever an optimist! I’m a hard-working multi-passionate entrepreneur & writer. I love to help others live

the life they want

About Me

I’m a passionate multi-entrepreneur, writer and philanthropist. I’m also an optimist who is a strong, hard-working, straight talking, well-travelled single mum, once married, and now happily divorced, who is sympathetic, loves animals and who has fought for amazing opportunities along the way! I’m very proud to have set up, ran, nurtured and successfully sold many businesses in different sectors over the 20+ years as a busy entrepreneur and trained business teacher.

I love to help other like-minded women create fantastic results by making their necessary changes. I can provide a sympathetic ear and/or a strategic plan for your business/life. I am here to work with you to achieve your best life through change whatever that may need to involve!

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“Sarah is really driven! She has a lot of experience and gives honesty always. She has helped me get through both life and business issues, providing clarity and a specific ways to get through them”

Karen R in West Sussex
“Highly recommended – an inspiration to women!”

Melanie P in London

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There’s not much that Sarah can’t help with. She has worked her way through most things! It’s brilliant that she is helping others

Claire W in Guildford
Business Guru and 100% genuine at delivering the best approach to be successful!

Paula C in Coventry

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Start-up Business Bootcamp is a transformational business training program for women entrepreneurs. Comprised of an intensive six-week online course plus supportive online community & resources, Business Bootcamp has helped lots of women worldwide learn about business and how to excitedly and successfully move forward with confidence to set one up.

What Business to Start Training

What business to start? Discover your true path to a successful career! 

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No matter what has happened in your past, you can move forward, make changes and become a very wealthy person with more time available. The power of the Universe and learning the secret to manifesting your best life is real! It works…

SJ is the most driven person I know and a really brilliant entrepreneur!

Lisa D in Surrey
The best coach at delivering results fast!

Karen F in Hampshire

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